We believe every run has a story.
Training is a journey and crossing the finish line is cause for celebration and reflection. We’re here to preserve their history through art and photography.


How the SidePorch Began

My early morning running map has been engraved in my mind for years. It stopped me in my tracks one day and I realized how lucky I am to be able the run with my 5:30 am friends throughout the neighborhood. I created a quick piece of art of the route that my friends see so often on our phones when our run is complete. I texted the squiggle to them and asked if they knew what it was. They knew right away.

If that route could talk, oh the things it would say. The things that it has seen. The early morning sunrise, the cold darkness of winter, the therapy it has provided (free of charge), the starting lines that it has taken us to, the celebrations, the tears, the dreams, and so much more. You see, it’s much more than a squiggly line on paper.

While we still go out for our morning runs, as I get older, I am often reminded that things don’t last forever, hence the beginning of my first SidePorch Creation.

“The SidePorch is what happens when you’re a runner and designer for over thirty years. Eventually everything connects.”


Why the name SidePorch?

When I was a little girl I used to sit with my grandfather and create images out of doodles. I’d draw a squiggle on a page and hand it to him and he’d hand me his squiggle in return. We’d spend about ten minutes creating something from each others little doodle, then exchange to see each other’s masterpiece. This would go on for the entire afternoon on the side porch. I remember how he’d look up at me after I handed him my paper. There didn’t have to be any words, as his eyes were filled with amazement each and every time. He always said that someday I’d astonish the world with my art. While I realize it’s a grandfather’s job to make his granddaughter feel like a rock star, he left me with such strength to be passionate in what I do. He always said, “Whatever it takes.” My grandfather passed away, a month before I officially opened Silverbox, which is the parent company of the SidePorch.

As I hand drew my first course map, it instantly reminded me of the doodles with my Grandfather on the side porch, hence our name. The SidePorch Collection was built on connection that runs deep. It’s about starting what you finish. Following though. Doing “Whatever it Takes.”

The SidePorch is what happens when you're a runner and designer for over thirty years. Eventually everything connects.