If I don’t see a specific course map, can I still get it done?

Absolutely. We're adding new races all the time. If it's something popular (e.g. 10,000+ runners), we'll design it free of charge. You can then order it directly from our site. If it's a race from years past, or a personal training course, you'd make your purchase here. We're a phone call or email away with any questions.

Can you design any size?

Yes. While the products we sell are all 11x14" (for now). We can certainly design per your requests and send an estimate before we begin the project.

If I purchase the signature board, would you frame it since it’s double-sided?

We have two thought processes with this. We think the signature boards look great on an easel, unframed. This way, anyone can pick it up and read your story on the back. The other thought is, go ahead and frame it. It'll be a wonderful surprise when taken out of the frame someday. Regardless, we're happy that you've capture your emotion through a story, as well as your result. You decide how you want people to see it.

What is the turn-around time?

It depends, but usually give it about one week for the fine art print plus shipping, two weeks for the framed print plus shipping and three weeks for the double-sided boards plus shipping. We have most apparel items and pillows in stock. They will ship right away. If we don't, usually expect about three weeks.