Run Forrest Run


First things first. I am not a marathon runner.

I started running races in 2012 simply because my younger brother did. I very quickly became addicted to the competition and the goal of beating my little brother (which to this day he is unaware he was the driving force that got me into running). The first year I began with a few 5k’s, and worked up to running a half marathon. My brother beat me in every race that year.

I took on a self imposed challenge of not shaving or getting a haircut until I beat him in a race.

I don’t remember how many attempts it took me, but eventually I beat him. By that time I’ve raced 5k’s to full marathons and every distance in between. What started as a secret sibling rivalry, left me with a new passion to break a few running goals. I want to run a sub 20 min 5k, sub 1:40:00 half marathon, and a sub 4 hr marathon. It also left me with shoulder length hair and a somewhat burly beard. After hearing “Run Forrest Run” at almost every race, I finally decided to dress the part. This picture was from the 2016 Philadelphia Marathon and caught the moment when I crossed the finish line and saw my time. 3:59:53. Thank you lord! Because like I said, I am not a marathon runner!



Susan Sidoriak