A Finish with Family


“I started running when I was 14 years old. I am currently 26. My mother is my inspiration. I wanted to follow her path, so I started running. We ran the Miami Ing Half Marathon. It was one of my best experiences in my life. We trained together, and the day of the race we crossed the finish line with our arms held high. While we run together, we share much more than just running. We talk, catch up, laugh, and cry. We share a very special bond of strength.

Since then, I continued training and completed triathlons, many half marathons, and four marathons. Running has become an essential part of my life. It is the best therapy I have found. I have discovered many great things, and lessons in life. I have learned to discover my body. Our mind is the most powerful thing God gave us, and you can achieve anything you propose in life, as it is limitless and full of surprises. We have to be thankful every second and enjoy all the greatness.

The Philadelphia Marathon was the most difficult marathon I ever ran.  I was about to quit because I wasn't feeling quite well. I thought about the trials and tribulations I have been through, the training behind me, the people that believed in me, including my coach, (who is the best ever!) 

I focused and I started feeling better. I knew I had to finish, as my family was waiting for me at the finish line. I couldn’t let them down.

When I passed the finish line my family was cheering, crying and very excited. I couldn't believe I made it.  Through the cold weather and wind we were facing, I ran to the finish line to pick up my medal. It was the best feeling ever.”

Susan Sidoriak