The 7/12 Rule

Do you ever have that game or event from high school that you play over and over in your mind...even as an adult? The missed ball you wish you would’ve caught. The school record you missed by three seconds, etc. You'd give anything to do it over again.

When I was in high school I stood at the starting line of a PIAA district track meet to run the mile. I was seeded 12 out of 12. As I stood there, I thought to myself, (while seeded in last place) “What if I came in first?" In those few moments I geared my mind up to do just that. I wish I could I tell you that is what happened, but there was no miraculous first place story from me that day, other than I ended up coming in fifth place. What I did learn from that experience is over half of your attitude is reflective of your conclusion.

It’s my 7/12 rule. This is the outcome of standing there thinking I was going to win. Defeating seven runners that should have gotten to that finish line before I did. All it took was a positive and determined mindset.

From that spring day in 1989 on the Mount Caramel track, I’ve carried that understanding with me to every starting line since then, and in life. While I’m still racing, do I go to every starting line thinking I’m going to win? Nah. But I do go with the realization that the result of the race is over half determined before the gun ever goes off.

At age 44, on race day, I choose to be happy. I’m rarely nervous. Just appreciative. I’ve learned that attitude will always give you the power over your situation.

Lesson learned. In running, and in life. The 7/12 rule.

Susan Sidoriak